iPad Roulette Apps for Money

iPad RouletteUsing an iPad roulette real money app, gamblers can play for cash on a mobile casino. As opposed to an online casino, which interfaces with old-fashioned desktop computers and laptop notebooks, a "mobile casino" is designed to deal with all the mobile devices on the market. If you own an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry OS smartphone, or Windows OS gadget, you can play for real money at a mobile casino.

The games are the same as you'd find at an Internet casino. Many of the software providers are the same--though many aren't. The mobile casinos themselves are usually owned by the most successful online gambling companies. iPad mobile casinos are licensed and regulated by the same governmental authorities that license online casinos. When an operator steps out of line, the game regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies are set to enforce their laws and regulations.

iPad Casino Apps

That doesn't mean the process for roulette gambling at a mobile casino is entirely the same for a iPad tablet computer and an Android smart phone. When you get to the mobile gaming site, you'll see links or download buttons for apps designed for the various operating systems. Many of these sites only have apps for iOS and Android OS at the moment. If so, you'll see these choices often displayed side-by-side each other, so it's easy to find the one for you. The point being, different operating systems require different applications.

iPad Roulette Apps for Real Money USA Players

Unfortunately, there aren’t any US real money roulette apps. The marketplace is saturated with free apps, however real money games aren’t available at the moment. We do expect casinos operating on the RTG network to offer roulette apps for US players – in addition to other games. Once the casinos released an iPad version of their casinos, we will gladly update this page. Alternatively, we suggest you try Slotland Casino. This casino operates an online casino that accepts United States players and is compatible with the iPad and / or iPhone. Some of the key benefits to playing at Slotland include real money games that you can fund with your Visa, excellent customer service, fast payouts.

How iPad Roulette Works - How to Play Real Money Roulette on iPad

Once you've downloaded your iPad casino app and you've made a deposit to fund your account, you'll be ready to begin playing iPad roulette. Like most online casinos, the mobile casinos offer deposit bonuses, so you'll likely have more money in your bankroll than you deposited. Either way, you'll select a roulette game to play, then begin making wagers. Most mobile casinos offer American roulette or European roulette. Choose European roulette, unless you see that the American roulette game has "en prison" or imprisonment rules. European roulette has one less zero slot (a losing slot for most bets), so their odds are a full 2.63% better than American roulette.

Now that you're ready to play, make a wager on the roulette betting board. Roulette has a lot of bets, but they're easy to remember and intuitive to make. Players can make single-number or straight bets, so in single-zero roulette, you could wager on any number from 0 to 36. If you wanted to bet on two numbers, you would place a chip on the line between two adjacent numbers (a split bet). You can bet on three horizontal numbers, which is called a street bet. Four numbers is a corner bet or square bet, because the chip is placed in the four corners where the numbers intersect (so they form a square). A six-line bet is simply a 6-number bet which is two street bets one on top of the other. Along with a few other obscure wagers, these are the inside bets. They are called inside because your chips are placed inside the number columns.

Outside bets involve much larger assortments of numbers of 12 or 18. Twelve-number bets include the dozen bet (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36), a column bet on one of the three columns of numbers, or a snake bet which snakes back and forth across the number box. Eighteen-number bets include even/odd, red/black, or the 1-18/19-36 bets. As you can see from these wagers, the zero is almost never a winner, which is why double-zero (American) roulette is such a worse proposition than single-zero (European) roulette.

Spinning the Wheel

The dealer (called a croupier) sets the metal ball spinning in the roulette wheel, players are informed they can no longer make wagers. The ball spins around the wheel until it loses velocity, at which point it drops into a slot. Winners and losers are determined. Everyone is paid and another spin of the wheel begins.