iPad Gambling Real Money

iPad Gambling SitesGambling on an iPad is easier in 2024 than it was just two years ago. More betting sites exist which cater to your gambling needs, while the app designers understand the technology better. IOS 5.x and iOS 6.x are more streamlined and work quicker than the IOS 4.x, though the iOS 4 is still compatible with most casino apps (iOS 3 isn't). Gamblers don't have to mess with the patchwork technologies of the Windows OS, BlackBerry OS, or Android operating system, so the iPad casino games load faster and gameplay is smoother. Of course, if you're using an Apple iOS device already, I probably don't have to sell you on the technology.

How Real Money iPad Gambling Sites Work

I'm assuming most gamblers reading this have played at online casinos, so I won't discuss too much how to register an account and make a deposit, except to see the same general registration process and money options exist. If you're new to computer casino gambling, understand these are two steps in the process, though both combined take five minutes total. To play at an iPad casino, you'll need to look up mobile casino instead of an online casino. Most of the European brand name online casinos have their mobile gaming counterpart, but these sites don't allow US players. Instead, you'll have to find a casino licensed out of the Netherlands Antilles or some other Caribbean or Central American licensing authority. These mobile casinos are likely to use software from RealTime Gaming or Revolution Gaming.

Once you navigate to these mobile casinos, these sites are going to direct you to a iPad casino app download. Click on this button or icon and start downloading the applications which are going to make your iPad tablet computer compatible with the mobile casino. Once this is done, you'll be able to gamble with your iPad in much the same way you would with a desktop computer. The only difference is you'll be able to play in more places and at greater comfort.

Mobile Gambling Apps in the United States

There are plenty of free gambling apps iPad users can try in the iTunes marketplace. What about real money games? How do US players gamble on the iPad for real money? For starters, you will need to find online gambling sites that accept US players and offer an iPad gambling app. Unfortunately, the number of real money Us gambling apps are few and far between in comparison to PC gambling sites. At the moment there are only two USA friendly casino apps that we are aware of and trust.

BetOnline is the first, which offers a mobile gambling site. The site caters to sportsbettors and provides up to the minute states, early lines and an all-around solid betting option for US iPad gamblers.

Next up is Slotland Casino. This online casino has been providing real money mobile games since 1999. The casino has always accepted US players and offers nearly a dozen real money iPad casino games.

What are the Benefits of Gambling on iPad for Real Money?

The benefits of real money iPad gambling are the same advantages you receive when using your iPad tablet for other activities instead of a Mac desktop computer or Mac notebook. A tablet computer gives you the ability to play blackjack, roulette, or slots for real money anywhere you go. If you want to gamble on the commute in from work on the subway, l-train, or in the carpool, you can turn on your iPad and start playing in seconds by visiting the sites above or paying for one of the apps in the itunes store.If you want to enjoy gambling with your iPad in the coffee shop, bookstore, or library, all you have to do is bring your iPad out and start enjoying a good wager (though I'd suggest you mute your device in one of two of those locations). The fact is, gambling on a iPad tablet is the most convenient and versatile way to game.

You might say that a laptop with the proper Internet hookup might do the same, but laptops have fewer places they're going to pick up and Internet connection. Also, the point-and-click mouse style of navigation is less convenient, because you can't sit in a chair or in mass transit vehicle and use your mouse with any comfort. The touchscreen is the way of the future, because it's easier in more places. While the iPhone or iPod Touch is also going to be compatible with a mobile casino, the larger size of the iPad makes your gaming so much more enjoyable. Clicking around the virtual casino is simpler with a tablet computer. The iPad computer is simply the best way to gamble for real money.