Real Money Blackjack Apps for iPad

iPad BlackjackiPad blackjack gives real money gamers around the world a convenient new way to enjoy the casino's best game. Casino gamblers know that classic blackjack has a payback percentage of about 99.50%, meaning of every $100 they wager (on average), all but about $0.50 of that money is returned. With margins so low, the changes a real money player is going to walk away from the game winning more than they lose is higher than any other game in the casino--making it the best casino game.

What are the Benefits of Playing Blackjack on an iPad

iPad blackjack lets you play a few hands anywhere you go. Imagine you're waiting in the parking lot for the kids to finish practice. Instead of wasting a few minutes, you can pull out the tablet computer and enjoy a few hands of twenty-one. If you use mass transit or the HOV lane, you can play blackjack for a while to take your mind off of work. Since twenty-one and its variants have such a high expected return, it's the game you can play the most and lose money the slowest on, if you play within your means and make bets according to your bankroll.

How do iPad Blackjack Apps Work?

iPad blackjack works much like it would at a standard online casino, except your gaming destination is different and the software isn't the same. When you want to play for real money using an iPad device, you'll need to go to a mobile casino instead of an online casino. Once there, you'll need to click on the download for the iPad casino app. This application lets you interface with the mobile casino and, provided you use iOS 4.x or later, you'll be compatible with all the games. Once you have the iPad gambling app, click on the variant of blackjack you want to play and start making real money wagers on your favorite casino table game.

How to Play Blackjack on an iPad for Real Money?

What makes playing blackjack on an iPad for real money so much better than fun sites like Facebook blackjack is the excitement and rush of winning. Also, instead of playing classic blackjack and having few other game options, most mobile casinos offer several blackjack variants. These games offer similar odds to blackjack-21, but slightly different rules which challenge you in different ways.

Can United States players play real money blackjack on iPad? If so, how?

USA players will find the number of real money iPad blackjack apps is quite limited in comparison to some of the other gambling apps on the market. Of course, iTunes has a decent selection of blackjack games in the market place, but none of them accept real money wagers. This doesn’t mean you can’t play a hand or two on your iPad. There are a handful of USA casinos with blackjack apps that you can play for real money. Slotland is one of them. This casino offers the traditional version of blackjack “21” and it's easy to play. You will need to set up a player account first and deposit to the casino as blackjack is only offered as a real money game (no free play). USA iPad blackjack players should note that Slotland is one of the oldest casinos left in the US market and the first to create a mobile casino games.

Double-exposure blackjack lets you see both of the dealer's cards, though you pay for that right by getting only 1:1 payouts on natural blackjacks and you lose on most ties. Pontoon gives you a 2:1 payout on a blackjack (called a pontoon), along with the ability to win when you get any five-card hand which doesn't bust (called the 5-card trick). Balanced against this is the fact you, once again, lose any ties to the dealer (instead of pushing). Games like face-up 21, match-play 21, and perfect pairs offer sidebets which give you bigger payouts than you would normally get on a single hand of blackjack--though I'll warn you the odds on the blackjack side bets are almost always much worse than classic blackjack odds.