iPad Craps App

iPad CrapsLearning how to play craps for real money on an iPad gambling app is a simple matter of finding a mobile casino and downloading the iPad app. The applications used to run casino games on an iPad tablet computer are designed for all Apple devices which use the iOS operating system, so you'll be able to use you iPhone and iPod Touch on the same mobile casino gaming site. Most of the time, you'll need an iOS 3.x or iOS 4.x or later to be compatible with the gambling app for iPad. Each mobile casino has its own compatibility issues and system requirements, depending on when their applications were designed.

Real Money Craps with an iPad

Playing craps with your iPad tablet computer is a treat. Craps is one of the hardest casino games to simulate online, because craps is a game about excitement, energy, and wild swings of fortune. Mobile craps has to be a multiplayer game, because the world's most famous casino dice game is a shared experience.

When you walk up to a craps table in a land-based casino, you'll join a table full of people. Despite all the various bets going on around the table, most of these people are going to be making the pass-line bet. That means most of these people are going to be hoping the dice thrower rolls well, because they're all making the same wager. This creates camaraderie and a group identity. Players cheer for one another, hope each other wins, and make friends along the way. That's why craps on iPad has to be multiplayer and the live chat function has to work properly.

How iPad Craps Is Played

The basic bet in craps in the pass-line bet. This stipulates that the dice come up "7" or "11" before the dice thrower rolls a "2", "3", or "12". If a 4-5-6 or 8-9-10 appear before those other numbers are thrown, then the object of the game changes. Instead of hoping for a 7/11, the player is now hoping to roll the same number they rolled a second time before a seven appears. Players who want to get in on this bet from this point make a "come bet", which is essentially the same as the pass-line bet (just made later). The don't pass line bet is a wager where you think the shooter (and those making the pass line bet) are going to lose, while the don't come bet is betting against the come bet. In a live setting, the don't pass line and don't come are considered somewhat unfriendly.

As for the rest of the proposition bets in craps, I would avoid them all until I knew more about the game. Even then, I'd avoid them. Most of those bets I haven't named yet have horrible odds compared to the pass and come bets. Stick with the simple wagers when playing craps for real money on your iPad and you'll usually do just fine.

Types of Bets in Craps

If you want to learn more about the more exotic craps bets, look up terms like field bet, place bets, proposition bets, and hardway bets. The field bet has a 2.77% house edge, which isn't bad, but still doesn't get near the 1.41% house edge of the pass/come bets and the 1.36% house edge of the don't pass/don't come bets. The "place bets" range from a 1.5% house edge (for 6 or 8) to a lousy 6.7% (for the 4 or 10). Betting on the 5 or 9 place bets has a 4% house edge. Personally, you're crazy if you lay money on the 4, 5, 9, or 10 place bets.

You're even crazier if you place wagers on the proposition bets which pay at various rates: 5:1, 8:1, 16:1, and 31:1. Winning 31x the amount you wagered sounds real good, until you realize that the house edge on prop bets range from 11.1% to 16.67% (that last figure for the 31:1 wager, of course). Those are just horrendous odds; I don't care how much the payout is. The hardway bets pay out at 8:1 or 10:1, but have an 11.1% or 9.09% house edge, respectively. Again, stay away from these bad wagers.